With BMW i3s from Sofia to Velingrad via Yundola

This one is about my first trip to Velingrad. The occasion is a yoga weekend organized by my beloved Adelina in Velingrad and it seems like a good time to start my blogging.

The Destination…

For my first ride, I choose this very cute BMW i3s and start wondering what route to take. The fastest route is usually the most boring, is my opinion, so instead I decide to go through the Belovo-Yundola Pass, which flows between Eastern Rila and the Rhodopes – about 30km of pure mountain beauty.

By now, the winter is hiding all the world’s imperfections under a thick, white cover. There’s almost no traffic. It will be an extremely calming experience. And it will not add extra miles to my route, but will surely add some romance. Always looking for a secondary roads, here electric cars are in their comfort zone.

On the highway, I enjoy my beloved moderate speed of 90-100 km/h, in order not to drain the battery before I get to the essential part of the route.

Travel by electric on the road

Off the highway…

I get off the highway at Kostenets and the road instantly becomes cosier. Life begins to flow slowly. The winter sun is making the asphalt glow and creates a magnificent mood.

At an average speed of 40-50 km/h, the car seems to be taking it easy. As am I. Here’s a tip: one of the most economical ways to drive an electric is to drive calmly, accelerate gradually and use inertia to slow down.

So, before I know it, I’m in Belovo. From there I go right to Yundola where my favourite part of my trip to Velingrad starts.

Quite quickly I find myself in the middle of a snowy fairy-tale.

Up in the mountain…

The road is very pleasant to ride. The turns are wide and the climbs and descents are far from troublesome. The higher up the mountain I’m going, the more beautiful it becomes.

Surrounded by this beauty, I stop a few times and take my time taking pictures of the woods.

When you drive an electric car the only thing you hear (if you do not blow the music up) is the sound palette of the world around you.

An extremely delightful experience. Just the quiet sound of tires rolling on snow…

Travel by electric ot the road

Look around…

Bulgaria is a very special place, there is so much beauty in it. All you have to do is open your eyes for it, stop and breathe in the fresh mountain air. The forest smells awesome…

The car donates an extra amount of ease to the trip. There is a very particular kind of emotion in your car not having an exhaust pipe. Sure, we all know that green energy is still far from being the one, but the goal is to be ready for it when it arrives.Have your habits built in advance!

We have a great opportunity to do exactly that as we begin rolling downhill and the car starts to “recuperate” energy and restore the battery. A very heartwarming moment! And it’s totally free of charge…

What a lovely weather…

We make our descent to Yundola on the sunny side of the slope.

The further down I go, the warmer it gets, the snow disappears from the canvas and patches of black, shiny asphalt appear underneath. The sun gently caresses my skin.

As I’m driving, I open the window a just a crack to let the fresh air in. The temperature is already around 3°C. It is A Great Day to Travel. Every type of weather has its charms, but a sunny one contributes to the mood in a great way.

You can enjoy the view that opens up to you and fill up your soul.

Denitza Daverova & Travel by electric

What a ride…

I wish the ride would last forever, but as with everything else it comes to an end and so does my journey through Yundola.

Although a short one, this stretch of road makes for a quite refreshing ride and anyone who is partial to traveling will surely appreciate it.

I stop for a minute to enjoy the sun and take some pictures, and a selfie, of course.

Here I am. My name is Denitsa and I’m very pleased to meet you.

I’m glad you’re reading my blog and I hope it’s helpful and fun.

Travel by electric in Bansko

Back to the trip…

Soon I find myself on the Yundola-Velingrad road. The beauty of this area, although the area itself is quite urbanised, is not to be underestimated.

The asphalt on the road is new and the markings are fresh. It feels like being in a TV car advertisement. And through most of the trip, mine is the only car on the road.

It’s a very economical stretch. I slightly throttle the accelerator pedal and the car moves with a minimum usage of energy.

After about 40km of pure joy almost-free-of-charge delight I arrive in Velingrad.


Calm, quiet, with fresh air and stunning beautiful nature around. Famous for the big number of hot mineral springs.

Only a few towns in Bulgaria have all these “extras” so that’s why Velingrad is one of our favourites.

I have about 30 kilometres worth left in the battery when I reach my final point. I had called the hotel in advance to ask them for a 220w power supply access.

To my surprise, it turned out they had two parking places with plugs.

I booked one…

The Hotel…

The comfort of knowing where your next charging point will be contributes enormously to the enjoyment of the journey.

This is one of the main concerns when traveling outside the city. travelbyelectric will help you reach any destination. We will share our experience to improve your comfort!

…And so I arrived and the bellhop took great care to accommodate me on the right parking spot next to the contact point.

Thank you Hotel “Aquatonik” for this warm welcome.

Now I’m able to make the most of my stay and be confident that I’ll have enough battery power for what’s waiting for me on my way back…

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