With BMW i3s from Velingrad to Sofia via Belmeken

It was time for me to go back…

After spending a great weekend with my adelinayogaart.com, filled with a lot of positive energy, wine and down dog positions, it was time to go again.

Try something new…

After spending a great weekend with my adelinayogaart.com, filled with a lot of positive energy, wine and down dog positions, it was time for me to go again.

As usual, traditional routes do not excite me, so I decided to diversify my trip visiting a mountain lake Belmeken. Winter conditions, lots of snow and all that is a challenge for an electric car.

It all began with a lot of sun and pleasant winter weather.

Great time for the road trip. Very soon I was driving again to Yundola, but now I had another idea. Inspired by my first trip I wanted to experience something new.

Look for a challenge…

I took the road to Belmeken from the center of town Yundola, and as soon as I took it, the landscape changed drastically.

There has been a lot of snow in the mountains over the last days. I have always liked this climb.

Starts with a beautiful pine forest.

After several kilometers I reached a small ski run very suitable for families with children. There was no sign of huge queues, crowds of people and car chaos, something we often encounter in our big resorts.

It’s like going through the portal back in time.

Ski Run “Starina”…

The laughter and the sound were carried in the air along with the smell of kebabs from the only teapot.

A real idyll.

If I had not seen it, I would not believe it. Great place for skiing 30 minutes from Velingrad. I imagine relaxing in the hot pool with a day off the slope.

Let me introduce you this little oasis located at 1680m above sea level nestled in the eastern part of the Rila mountain called the ski run “Starina”.

I immediately noticed that the two slopes were very well-crafted.

Near by ridding base…

Of course, it is not a place for ski maniacs, but for those who just want to spend well with the family in the mountains without stretching their nerves and meniscus to the maximum.

It is a Student complex part of the University of Forestry and there are two drag lifts and a horse ridding base.

Good for summer trips as well

It is located on the Yundola-Belmeken road and you can not miss it. The horse base is located on the other side of the road.

I took a tea break and enjoyed this scenery.

Moving on…

Still, my goal was another, and then this magical stop I jumped again on my “inappropriate” car and hit the road. The drifts became even bigger, as did the eyes of the drivers I was passing by. The disappointment was on their faces, but the car was awesome.

I always had to overcome the sleepers to get away with someone, but the thin tires helped me get out of the way.

This is the first BMW that performs so well on snow.

While I was enjoying the challenge, I reached the ridge. It was wonderful, stunning, stopping your breath …

Here comes the winter…

There was no sign of the joyful weather I had witnessed just 10 minutes ago.

So much whiteness that burns your eyes. It was great everyone who likes to travel by car knows the pleasure you feel when the view changed. Sometimes it gets so fast you barely can take a breath.

I love Belmeken so much.

There is something magical about it especially in winter. Wherever you turn, you see this vast expanse. Bulgaria is a wonderful place.

I was high up in the mountains, and only an hour ago I was in the comfort of my hotel.

“Hristo Smirnenski” hut and slope…

Full of joy, I continued toward the top…

…and here it is “Hristo Smirnenski” hut , a  three-storey building which can accommodate up to 60 people and works all year round.

There is a restaurant and a dinning room. I bet the meatballs kill but I had no time to stop and experience that pleasure ;-( The place offers to it’s visitors also an option to relax in the hut’s sauna… another big loss…

There was a small ski slope at 1860m above sea level and is also located on the main road.

The 380 meters long run was not far from a hut.

The Dam…

It’s so easy and wonderful to travel with an electric car.

I continued my ascent, not long after, I found myself where I was going…

Belmeken Dam – situated 1,923 m above sea level is the highest reservoir on the Balkan peninsula.

Everything became so white that the relief disappeared. I passing over the dam, which barely recognized in the snow, and stopped in the parking lot.

And here it is … the empty lake 😉 It was a weird sight, but it was still worth it.

The Lake…

I spent some time in farewell, and just before my ears froze, I jumped into the car, blowing the heat, and started the way back. Already relaxed that I have taken advantage of my opportunity. Such a side stop can make your trip really memorable.

The Way back…

But here is the reality … unfortunately, the model I had at that time had only 160 km in comfortable winter conditions, after having reached Belovo I had to travel without heating in the car to Sofia. With a cold nose and maximum speed of 90km / h on the highway, I managed to safely reach the charging station of Ring MALL.

We will continue to travel for you and share our stories!

Expect more trips on our blog

See you soon


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