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Travel by Electric Electric Cars Rental Service for Tours around Bulgaria

For the brand

Travel by electric is an innovative idea for renting electric cars for tours. This is a new brand of the rent-a-car company “Best Cars” Ltd., which has ten years of experience on the market. Our mission is to evoke the usage of electric cars when leisure travelling, and not only in urban conditions.

For the services

With a series of campaigns, such as “Tour the 100 National Sites with Travel by Electric” and “Visit the sites on the UNESCO list”, we aim to awaken the interest of all lovers of “The green idea”. And this is only the beginning. In this direction, we are also developing routes around wine tourism, a tour around the monasteries, ski vacations and many more. Routes can be prepared individually, depending on where the customer wants to go.

In the field of B2B services

We offer packages with ready-made routes for tour agencies, and for any corporate clients, we offer long-term rental service cars on very favorable conditions.

For the added value

 We know that charging a car along the way can be a real challenge and to make the adventure enjoyable, we are offering to the customer, not just an electric car, but a full program including information about the charging stations in the area, recommendations for resting places, instructions and quick contact with us. We will give our clients not simply the keys to the car but the philosophy behind driving, and we will answer all arising questions.


The website has a blog where we share the experiences from our journeys. Our goal is to be able to give information about each route, so our customers can easily choose the right destination for them.

Our mission

We are developing electrical mobility in all its aspects – this is why we take the initiative to work with municipalities to place charging stations, both in the parking lots of the 100 National Tourist Sites, and other strategic locations. We are already achieving good progress in this direction.

Who are our clients?

Our products are for customers who love traveling, with sustainability-orientated lifestyle, passionate about new transportation technologies and energy-efficient solutions. The service is suitable for families, foreign tourists and young people with an affinity for adventures.

Enjoy the future of transportation with #travelbyelectric 

Travel by electric nissan car
Travel by electric car
Our benefits

We care about
your comfort

  • Get a car
    with full fuel
  • Life and car
  • Leave the car
    where you want
  • Quick roadside

Compatible with vehicle brands

Renault Zoe
BMW i3
Nissan Leaf