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Why Travel by Electric?

Traveling by car is the best way to explore a destination. Going out on the road with an electric vehicle adds extra thrill and redefines the basic essence of the trip. These cars bring something new and different as an experience. Something like meditation – a state that stops a person from rushing to the final destination and let one enjoy the journey. The feeling of the road and the surrounding nature. No extra noise and fuel gases. An unforgettable experience to be shared with loved ones & friends.

HOW TO Travel by Electric?

We know that charging a car along the way can be a real challenge.
We’ve got you. We offer the latest electric vehicles and help you plan trips while addressing the 3 fundamental questions each e-traveler faces: WHERE TO GO, HOW TO CHARGE and WHAT TO DO WHILE CHARGING?

WHAT IS Travel by Electric?

We are travelers on a myth busting mission. We believe electric cars are great not only in urban conditions, but also when leisure travelling.
We research and develop thematic e-routes for alternative local tourism around the most intriguing tourist sites, carefully selected and combined into routes lined with charging infrastructure. A guide to the best experiences Bulgaria has to offer.


Our customers are families, young people and foreign tourists, who love to travel, have interest in sustainability-oriented lifestyle, new transportation technologies and energy-efficient solutions, and are passionate about new experiences.


Our considerable experience in transportation services helped us build EV car fleet solution for our corporate clients. We offer long-term rental on very favorable conditions including tailored charging station rental. Contact us for more information.