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First of all, I love travel. Since my 20s I’ve been obsessed with the idea of traveling.

It’s about love…

Since my 20s I’ve been obsessed with the idea of traveling.

A close friend and I used to spend all our money on fuel for the car my parents had got me – it was a Ford Orion, one we called “Humphrey”.

In most cases, the fuel money was far from enough for Humphrey to reach the target but that never stopped us from going head-to-head with every adventure.

Over the years I turned this passion into a profession and I have managed to visit many beautiful places.

Here we have some stories…

In this blog I want to share my passion for traveling by car, and specifically by electric.

Every journey is a unique adventure and comes with a lot of experience. Here on this blog will post new story every month.

Why electric?

Well, because these cars bring something new and different to the table. I call it “driving meditation” – the attitude of the mind that stops you from hurrying and lets you enjoy the road.

The first time…

The first time I got on the highway in an electric, I quickly realized that if I started driving as usual, I would not get anywhere.

You can easily go up to 120km/h or 140km/h on a highway, but it would drain the battery a lot quicker. For an electric, the most efficient highway speed is 90km/h. So, you see much more, you have time to breathe and feel.

But I wasn’t breathing… I was choking in the car and was ready to freak out. There was always someone ahead of me or someone gaining on me. I wanted to go back to the garage, jump into my 300-horse-wagon and overtake them all, but …

After about 10 minutes of nervous sweating I calmed down. I looked around and saw that many of the cars around me were moving at the same speed. And somehow it all balanced out and stopped annoying me, and after just 10 minutes it became pleasant.

You can see more…

It was a beautiful winter time outside, and then the highway started revealing an ever-more beautiful view. I wasn’t in a hurry, I did’t want to overtake anyone. I just wanted to enjoy the road. It was great, like any first experience, and foretold many new adventures.

The purpose of this blog is to show what a journey in an electric can be – an adventure, a way of thinking and a state of mind that will certainly not be to everyone’s taste. We would like to inspire you and at the same time let you to know what surprises lie in wait ahead of you and how to react when the situation forces you outside of your comfort zone, and what you need to do to get back in it.

Electric cars still have a long way to go until they reach the level of the conventional ones, but we have decided to go along with them and contribute to their development as much as possible.

We hope the travelogues on this blog will give you a healthy amount of useful information and, above all, give you the inspiration to try a new way of traveling filled with many new emotions.

It’s a journey to the future, be a part of it!




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