Graphic 100 national objects

If you are passionate about travelling, but would much rather have your fun following nature’s ways as opposed to harming the environment, ‘Travel by electric’ got you covered. Hitting the road with an electric vehicle will inevitably spice things up by re-inventing the core essence of travelling.

We are not just renting out cars. ‘Travel by electric’ has designed an entire package including charging station supported routes that unfold the top nudge side-seeing destinations and historical artifacts as well as immediate assistance in the occurrence of any car related emergencies. Care free, emission free and with no regrets.

You get a detailed map of charging stations in the region, a list of suggestions on where to stay and instructions on how to get in touch with us at all times. Our final goal is for you to have a full ‘slow life’ experience.

We offer you a different tour dedicated to the 100 national tourist sites as:

– Veliko Tarnovo, capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire between 1185 and 1393
– The medieval Bulgarian fortress of Baba Vida in Vidin
– The Belogradchik Rocks group of strangely shaped sandstone and conglomerate rock formation
– Seven Rila Lakes in the Rila mountains
– The medieval fortress on Kaliakra headland
– Plovdiv Roman theatre
– Stone river in Vitosha

… and many more